Monday, March 14, 2011

#HelpJapan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Blog Sale

Japan is a country near and dear to my heart, and the devastation the country is experiencing following the 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake is heartbreaking. I am hoping for the safety of the survivors and Japanese people and praying that the tremors and quakes stop and that Japan soon has time to recover.

But as important as positive thoughts, this relief effort needs FUNDS.

In Canada, the Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations for the JAPAN RELIEF EFFORT HERE:

Medicins San Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) has sent three teams to the Miyagi/Fukushima area and more are ready to go. You can find more information and donate here:

Here is how this blog sale works:
- All items will be mailed via air mail by Canada Post. This does not include a tracking number
- 100% of the listed price for each item will be donated to either the Canadian Red Cross, or MSF
- Shipping starts at 5$ CAD and is 1$ for each additional item. This is the only portion of the cost I will keep to purchase packaging supplies

How the Money Will Be Donated
- E-mail me at to reserve your item[s]


1) I will invoice you for the total amount of items + shipping from my PayPal account
2) At the end of the sale (or weekly) I will donate the money to either Red Cross or MSF and post the receipt on this page with my personal information blacked out


1) I will invoice you for the total shipping amount
2) You make a donation for the item amount to the Canadian Red Cross or MSF and forward me the receipt with your full name


3) I will the items out within one week.

1) Canada Post does NOT provide tracking numbers outside of Canada without an exorbitant cost. If you would like tracking, it will be extra, please indicate if you would like this
2) I am not responsible for the items once they leave my hands. If you do not receive your item within 6-8 weeks I will file with Canada Post, who insures each package up to 100$. All items will be carefully bubble wrapped and packaged to prevent breakage
3) Sales are first come, first served
4) All prices are in CAD, and are set (no haggling, please)
5) All items are BRAND NEW, never used

Sale Items

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Trios: I Dream of Greenie, I Got Good Jeans + Handwriting Tag

They were a few weeks late but I finally found the new Wet n Wild ColorIcon trios at WAL-MART! Even though Mona had bought me all the pink ones, I was so excited I bought the three I didn't have. Here's hoping they'll all fit into one UNII palette when I'm ready to de-pot!