Saturday, May 22, 2010

Green, Purple, and Redemption?

I think that pink and purple look from a few days ago catapulted me back into loving bright eye looks... too bad I'm going back to work tomorrow so I'll be back to my standard work face :P

I've been thinking about doing this look for a while, but hadn't actually picked up any of the colours until I was poked by Yumeko to try it out since she posted it first and then Haru posted a similar version using different products! I find it so interesting to see how different girls interpret looks and tutorials, so of course after her reminder I wanted to try it out
I'm not sure why this turned out more like seafoam green and purple (it's more of a kelly green in person, but I can't catch it on my camera). The green appears a bit darker on my webcam pic so I'll attach that at the end.

Keep reading for products used...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rose Tinted Glasses

This morning I was lacking inspiration both with what to post about, and how to do my makeup! This happens a lot when I wear a neutral colour like black or white :P. Recently I'd been wearing more neutrals like bronze/gold/brown, but I wanted to break out of my rut - so naturally I turned to twitter for suggestions. The lovely ladies on my feed suggested pink and purple, so off I went! I love this look and am happy I delved back into the bright part of my stash again, but the look also made me think of a predominant theme in my life: the colour pink.

Pink is everywhere in my life, a recurring theme I am always willing to indulge, from clothing, to electronics, to makeup (of course). So I thought I'd use this post to examine the colour's role in my life...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lovely Regrets

Every few months I clean out my stash (which you can blurrily see in the background), removing items that I don't use often (or at all) and setting them aside to give to others. Normally this encompasses eyeshadow, as I previously did not have a lot of lip products - not to mention sharing used lip products just seems a bit unsanitary to me (I don't any of the sanitizing/alcohol sprays at the moment). Even with the items I purge, there's rarely any regret in my purchases, I get rid of things to make room for new(er) purchases.

I re-swatch everything before I give it away, and on my most recent 'clean-up' I took a look at my lipsticks, and pulled out Blooming Lovely, which I couldn't remember using often... and couldn't remember why I hadn't been reaching for it. However once putting it on I suddenly remembered... my experience solidified 'Blooming Lovely' as being a major buyer's remose case :(