Thursday, April 29, 2010

From A Land Far, Far, Away...

I don't think the weather in Calgary is aware it's almost May as we've had three snowstorms this month - the one last night dumped about 20 cm of snow and knocked out the power in my neighbourhood for about 3 hours... we lucked out though since the areas further out of the city still don't have power right now!

The roads were gross today, so once I got home from my meeting I decided to try to re-organize my makeup (I'm in the process of it now) and after some nudging from Jen I thought I should probably do a post on my GMarket order from... 2 months ago. Haha.

This was actually just my second GMarket purchase and my first for makeup. You probably remember my search for the Maybelline Eye Studio quads a few weeks ago... well I was happy and also annoyed to learn that Maybelline released similar quads in other countries... that were completely different colour combinations from here! I still do not have all of them, mostly because I get distracted easily, but my search for them led me to discover that Maybelline changes EVERYTHING depending on the country/continent, from packaging, products, and even how the same products are numbered. This makes things really confusing (and hard to find).

However, similar to many Western marques, Maybelline's range in Asia is completely different to everywhere else on its own - different shadows, different lipsticks, and completely different focuses! This is how I discovered Maybelline's Watershiny Volumy Range... (I spelled it Watershine Volumny in all the pictures because that is what the Korean stickers say... but the JP website is different XD)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sakuras & sunshine :)

Last month I made a last-minute trip to Vancouver to meet up with my dear friend from Japan (and the friends he also brought with him, Kana-san and Y-san)! I rarely travel so last minute (I booked the trip about 2 weeks before I left) since usually I have to book my vacation months in advance, but luckily fate was on my side - the dates that my friend (we'll call him K-san, since Yumeko kindly thought of a name for me) was going to be in Canada I had somehow already requested vacation for!