Thursday, April 29, 2010

From A Land Far, Far, Away...

I don't think the weather in Calgary is aware it's almost May as we've had three snowstorms this month - the one last night dumped about 20 cm of snow and knocked out the power in my neighbourhood for about 3 hours... we lucked out though since the areas further out of the city still don't have power right now!

The roads were gross today, so once I got home from my meeting I decided to try to re-organize my makeup (I'm in the process of it now) and after some nudging from Jen I thought I should probably do a post on my GMarket order from... 2 months ago. Haha.

This was actually just my second GMarket purchase and my first for makeup. You probably remember my search for the Maybelline Eye Studio quads a few weeks ago... well I was happy and also annoyed to learn that Maybelline released similar quads in other countries... that were completely different colour combinations from here! I still do not have all of them, mostly because I get distracted easily, but my search for them led me to discover that Maybelline changes EVERYTHING depending on the country/continent, from packaging, products, and even how the same products are numbered. This makes things really confusing (and hard to find).

However, similar to many Western marques, Maybelline's range in Asia is completely different to everywhere else on its own - different shadows, different lipsticks, and completely different focuses! This is how I discovered Maybelline's Watershiny Volumy Range... (I spelled it Watershine Volumny in all the pictures because that is what the Korean stickers say... but the JP website is different XD)

These lipsticks are meant to be medium-pigmented, moisturizing lipsticks - and they are! I saw a couple of colours on, but since Sasa didn't have the eyeshadow quads I wanted I searched GMarket... and hit the motherload? There are multiple sellers for the Asia Maybelline line[s] so it's basically up to you to pick who you want to purchase from based on price, shipping fees, and feedback. I no longer have the seller name, but I paid about 6.00$ USD each for these lipsticks which I think is pretty decent since Maybelline lipsticks here retail from 8-10$ CAD.

I really like these lipsticks! They go on smooth, cover the uneven colour of my natural lips, and they feel really moisturizing! I get about 4-6 hour wear on these if I'm not eating or drinking lots. I usually wipe my lipstick off before I eat so no idea how long it lasts through food, sorry!

These were all taken today - for a picture with a different lipstick but a list of what I used, keep scrolling :)



Most of the lipsticks in this range are very natural, nude-pink colours - which is what I was looking for at the time I purchased these! I wear bright colour eye looks on a regular basis so I wanted a variety of MLBB shades that I could use to 'complete' my looks that wouldn't compete with my eyes, but I think these look nice with a neutral look like this one as well. As for my actual 'day' look...

(Enlarge to see products used)

I'm wearing my parka because it snowed 20 cm this morning and the winds were gusting at 95 km/hr. Ha. This look used a sample of Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle which is a bit similar to the Maybelline Watershiny Volumy 014 on me, but less shiny and more pigmented. And more luxe and expensive. The Maybelline packaging is cute but really light (I prefer a bit of weight to my lipstick packaging) and the packaging is plastic. I'll do another post on my Rouge Cocos but Chanel's packaging is pretty much the polar opposite. They both attract fingerprints like mad though.

If you're looking for a cheap, moisturizing lipstick and are willing to brave Ebay or GMarket (or live in Asia) then I can totally recommend these! Similar to previous orders GMarket shipped my tiny box of lipsticks in a box about 5x its size, but otherwise no complaints about the process. I ordered, got in-country shipping confirmation, and received the order about 2 weeks after I made it (like everything I buy online, it was stuck at customs for ages).

Warning, though: GMarket is addictive and it is SUPER easy to spend money there. They literally sell EVERYTHING, and 95% of sellers ship around the world.


  1. u are gonna kill me but that chanel one looks the best on u [maybe its the pic i dont know] but i really like it on u

  2. Hey justine,
    The Maybelline lipsticks look very easy to wear with a nice shine. I also really like how the Chanel lipstick looks on you, very classy! I wish we had your weather as it's sweltering over here in Singapore, which always makes my skin go nuts and have an oil party. I just bought a Maybelline gel eyeliner today too, the Asia stuff looks pretty good!

  3. I couldn't find this range in my drugstores! Maybe it's only exclusive to Korea and Japan? =(

  4. Ooo the colors are lovely! I adore g-market :) Asia has the best makeup!

    Speaking of which, I'm having a Korean skin care giveaway on my blog. Come enter!