Monday, June 21, 2010

Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks + Sunshine, FINALLY

It's been raining a lot this week so I was super happy that my weekend off was filled with lots of sunshine and gorgeous weather! Spent a lot of time outside, loaded up with the sunscreen, to celebrate the official beginning of summer, and the birthdays of my oldest sister and one of the besties! I haven't posted in ages (work has been killer) so ... this is going to be a LONG post.

If you've ever 'met' me in person (or you are one of the above mentioned besties) you know that as soon as it's sunny and warm I live in skirts (no matter how windy) and dresses! I found this in my closet (I don't think I'd ever worn it) but the v-neck was a bit low-cut, hence the green tank top under the dress. Depending on my mood I'll either match my makeup to what I'm wearing, or go neutral - for the bestie's birthday party I matched, but I picked up a quint at random for today and ended up going neutral with my beloved Dior Parisian Lights palette. So of course I wanted to play with one of my many new lippies. This is actually Chanel Rouge Allure in Genial (from the Les Pop Ups summer collection) and will be the focus of a later post - it's a colour I'm currently obsessed with).

On to the actual content...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colour Tag + Dior Tailleur Bar + Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks

Working and a few days of rainy, grey weather certainly impact my desire and ability to blog! I think I am more productive when I have a few days off and it's SUNNY, so I feel like taking pictures, haha. Yesterday was grey and rainy but brighter than it had been (plus I had time to dither over a makeup look), but of course, I lacked 'inspiration'... so I turned to Yumeko who I was happy to catch online, and she suggested grey and pink :)