Monday, June 21, 2010

Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks + Sunshine, FINALLY

It's been raining a lot this week so I was super happy that my weekend off was filled with lots of sunshine and gorgeous weather! Spent a lot of time outside, loaded up with the sunscreen, to celebrate the official beginning of summer, and the birthdays of my oldest sister and one of the besties! I haven't posted in ages (work has been killer) so ... this is going to be a LONG post.

If you've ever 'met' me in person (or you are one of the above mentioned besties) you know that as soon as it's sunny and warm I live in skirts (no matter how windy) and dresses! I found this in my closet (I don't think I'd ever worn it) but the v-neck was a bit low-cut, hence the green tank top under the dress. Depending on my mood I'll either match my makeup to what I'm wearing, or go neutral - for the bestie's birthday party I matched, but I picked up a quint at random for today and ended up going neutral with my beloved Dior Parisian Lights palette. So of course I wanted to play with one of my many new lippies. This is actually Chanel Rouge Allure in Genial (from the Les Pop Ups summer collection) and will be the focus of a later post - it's a colour I'm currently obsessed with).

On to the actual content...

I am TOTALLY in a lipstick phase right now. All the reviews online for the Revlon Colourburst lipsticks had me intrigued (I wore one in last week's post) and with a generally positive experience, I planned on eventually getting more... this just happened to be expedited by Rexall having a 50% off all lip products sale last week! This decreased the price of the lipsticks from 10.00$ CAD (which I thought was reasonable) to 5.00$ CAD (even better!) so of course, I hauled ;) I picked up five more lipsticks, and since it was so sunny today I thought I'd finally do lip swatches... so you'll see my face 5 more times, haha.

Mauve was the last lipstick I purchased, and thankfully is not as purple on me as it looks in the tube (I may give Lilac a chance after seeing how this one turned out). Nice soft pink. Nothing ground breaking. I'm sure there are many dupes for this colour, but since I tend to wear brighter, 'cleaner' pinks I don't have anything super similar - not that that stops me from buying more makeup :P

Peach is my FAVOURITE of the lipsticks I've purchased - it is quite a bit pinker in person and goes with all of the makeup I've tried so far. I don't own anything similar to this :)

Fuschia is definitely an 'on-trend' colour this year! It's a fairly dark pink (I think the sunlight lightened it up quite a bit here), so I often sheer it out with a balm underneath.

Carnation is a pretty, soft pink. If I grab a lipstick at random I'll usually grab this one - it applies easily and isn't bright enough to overpower even my fluorescent eye looks.

Soft Nude is DEFINITELY a true nude on me. I don't think it looks TOO bad but it throw me off in this picture since the eyes are super neutral... will have to try it with a smokey/colourful eye. Good if I want a gloss colour to show up on it's own since it's so close to my skintone!

Blush is a slightly-less-frightening MLBB/nude colour on me :) Again, I'd wear this with a more dramatic eye or cheek (or both), but I do like it.

What I like about these lipsticks:
- They have a wide range of colours (20 in Canada)
- They are pigmented - all of these swatches are only 1-2 swipes
- The packaging is cute, and the colour on the cap is pretty accurate
- They are cheap! (Especially when they go on sale)

What I am 'meh' about:
- They are a bit drying - I have to apply a balm under or a gloss over to combat this
- MOST of the stores didn't have testers for all the shades - WAL-MART did, for the record, but if you like to try stuff on I'd be a bit hesitant
- They're not long lasting for me (I do lick my lips a lot, because of the dryness): I get about 2 hours of wear 

I'd recommend these if they go on sale - they are pretty comparable (for me) to MAC lipsticks though I find that the very high-end lipsticks (Chanel, Dior) hold up better for me, at least in terms of moisture and pigmentation over several hours. I don't mind so much because these lipsticks are VERY inexpensive compared to the 35$+ pricetag of high end lipsticks though!


  1. i like soft nude and blush on you the most
    its amazing price for a concealer sorta lippie
    have u tried layering gloss over the soft nude

    also i think these pics are misleading on how u look with them cos i knowww u rock some hot eyeshadow combos heehee

    but perfect for swatch photos <3

  2. lol i just did a post on these too! i have peach, blush, soft nude and soft rose. Carnation looks really pretty on you!

  3. wooh i have been lemming for them! but decided to wait for a sale on them the peach too!!

  4. i think you look great with all the colors. soft nude is my favorite:)

  5. I love that peach color on you! I need one for myself!

  6. hey! thx for stopping by my blog! I cant believe in your Calgary too! AND A NURSE what r the chances?
    Ill have to try avenue diner... cept where is it? I dont think ive seen it before?
    by the way! I like mauve on you (1st pic) and i found it a bit drying too...and soft nude looks really bad when you have dry lips >< well on me neways!