Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Memoirs of a Kitty Palette

Despite previous experiences with the Sephora house brand, I really wanted to like the Hello Kitty collaboration when it came out - I especially wanted to like their Say Hello palettes, which were sleek and cute all at the same time! Sadly the first two Say Hello palettes were underwhelming for me, and I had to accept the fact that it didn't make sense to purchase a palette 'just' for packaging - something I swore to myself I'd never do!

Luckily, with Spring came a new collection, and thankfully my swatches went much better this time - though I think I would have broken my 'packaging-only' rule, as the 'Memoirs of a Kitty' palette combines a lot of my favourite things: Hello Kitty, Sakura, and neutral eyeshadow! The picture above will rotate through what the palette 'looks' like, but basically the palette contains:

4 Eyeshadows: Satin White, Shimmery Beige, Gold, Medium Brown
2 Blushes: Peach w/ Gold Shimmer, Pink