Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have something that I love long-long...

I was randomly contemplating re-organizing my makeup again when I heard the doorbell ring today. I do order a LOT of stuff online, so this kind of event is not out of the ordinary, but the only place I have recently ordered from is Imomoko, and since that package did not have tracking, I didn't think that'd be the reason for the mailman ringing the bell (besides, since all I ordered was eyeliner, I am 90% it would have just been left in the mailbox). Assuming it was for my sister, I opened the door (the mailman had already left) and was surprised to find a huge white box from UPS addressed to ME.

And no, I am not that bad a shopper that I forget how much I buy online. You get paranoid when it takes 3-6 weeks for Canada Post to deliver international packages when you're like me, and therefore track things so you know exactly where packages are. ANYWAY, confused but excited, I ran up to my room to open the box with my keys (for some reason, even though I end up taking like at least one pair of hospital scissors home a week, I can never find them when I need to open things), and to my delight, it was my Dior Diva gift!

Are you a Dior Diva? I know the site says it's for the USA, but I live in Canada, registered through the site, and got my reward, so the program is totally legit :)

I'm both proud and a bit embarassed that I redeemed my receipts for the Divine Diva gift, which is over 1000 points. But mostly, I'm happy! Dior was actually the first thing I ever walked into Sephora and bought, and apparently that was the beginning of a long-standing love. I don't claim to be an expert on the brand, and there's a lot I HAVEN'T tried, but I love their eyeshadow quints, their mascaras, and the lip products I've tried. I also like that such a high-end brand has 'incentives' for brand loyalty. Yumeko mentioned that several of the department store brands in Japan offer similar programs, but as far as I know this is really the only Western beauty brand that does this. It also helps that you can buy your Dior from anywhere in North America, as long as you save your receipts :) So what did I get?

Gah, sorry for the fingerprints! J'Adore Dior and Dior Addict Shine perfume samples, a mini Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Catwalk Mauve, mini Miss Dior Cherie bottle, and full sizes of Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster 002, Diorshow Mascara in Black, and a quint in 390 Mystic Jade. I was SUPER happy with the gift, especially since the quint was one I didn't own. Not bad for $1 in postage and a year of saving receipts. I'm already working on my next gift ;)

It was super easy to get to 1000 points. I know Dior has a high price point, but I've been VERY happy with all my purchases, to the point that the brand dominates my makeup collection. To illustrate this, I took a picture of all of my Dior eyeshadow palettes... I like how pretty all of them look open!

I have all of their Shimmer Star cheek powders, and a couple of random skincare/base things, and some lippies, which I will take pics of eventually :) But this is the love of my makeup world right now.

Thank you for a wonderful reward, Dior! Can't wait to add to my collection :)

(And I know that's a lot of eyeshadow, but I have actually used everything except for the 001 Jazz Palette and the 673 Earth Tones quint at least once. And now one of those will definitely be used tomorrow...)


  1. Holy crap that is a LOT of Dior! I'm totally in awe lol :) Nice of them to extend the program to Canada!

  2. *jaw drops*

    blimey!! thats a mega marvellous collection!!


  3. *DIES* are you serious? <3 <3 <3 i heart you , i heart this, heart heart heart!!

  4. wow what a collection!!! loveee dior!!

    i just realized you're from canada too! yay a fellow cdn! and i didn't realize it snowed in calgary already!! keep warm!!

  5. Oh my god that is a *lot* of Dior! My hat is off to you for actually using it all -- there are way too many collections that go totally unloved. It makes me a little sad... MAKEUP DESERVES TO BE LOVED TOO! :P

  6. WOW..that's an amazing collection of Dior!

  7. Hi,

    That's an awesome gift from Dior! In Singapore, we have a similar members programme but the gifts are not as generous as the one you received. I also only started getting into Dior over the past year but I don't have as much as you do!

    My only regret is the Earth Tones quint, I can't make it work on me without it turning out ashy and dull!

  8. @Haru

    I use a fairly pale eyeshadow base (Painterly on top of UDPP for me) to make the Earth Tones quint less muddy... I find if I blend it straight onto my skin I just look like I'm bruised LS

    I am frequently surprised at much Dior I own, LOL. And I don't even have any of the older-style packaged quints!

  9. There is no scheme like this in the UK!
    Hope there will be one!