Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You and Me, We're Meant to Be

So I have been stuck at home because I pulled my back at work and according to my doctor and physiotherapist, the best thing to do is rest - and be patient. Which would be fine, except the last 2 weeks it has also been SNOWING like mad, so I end up stuck in my house as the roads are too bad to try driving on. I think they said on Friday that there were over 200 accidents reported :S.

In any case, in between resting and physio, I am either on my laptop (the first week laying in my bed as sitting hurt, now at my desk) or playing my DS. I am SO happy I got a DS for my birthday or I think I'd be even more stir-crazy. Anyway, with all this extra time on my hands the inevitable happened... I finally tried out G-Market.

All the blogs I read are horrible influences. XD;

I didn't even want to try going through the makeup section, so instead I thought I'd look for accessories. And after one of Yumeko's posts, I knew I wanted headbands. I placed the order a couple of weeks ago, and it finally arrived!

I ordered from this shop: Glam Girl

They were fantastic! All of the headbands were individually wrapped in plastic, then in bubble wrap, and she even included a small gift! I don't have any 'modelling' photos yet mostly because I haven't made any effort to do my hair or makeup in days, but I promise I'm going to be social this weekend so you'll definitely see a few!

Side views of the headbands:

Shipping via EMS is so fast *_* And no customs duties on this either :) Actually the weirdest part was that the headbands were in a little box, which was then in a box about 4x the size. I'm not sure why, and I should have taken the picture, but I already put the boxes in the recycling, haha.

I can't wait to wear these... and to place another order. I think the biggest problem I had was trying to match the Korean names in the picture to the names in the menu. :)


  1. tats the main problem with gmarket
    they repackage the boxes so it ends up in a bigger box..kinda pointless cos u end up paying more for ems but tats the way they do it XD

    feel better soon!

  2. Wow, it looks so cool! Just swinging by to say hi and Merry Xmas!

  3. I agree about Gmarket!! Love the hair spangles too.

    Thing is sometimes I just gotta have something!!