Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday Palette Round-Up

Just a quick post so I can document what I purchased... and because I think all of these palettes are beautiful :)

This post is really short mostly because I didn't take good pictures of FOTDs with these palettes even though I've worn each of them 5+ times since getting them. Oops.

The Cosme Decorte Magie Deco coffret was the second most expensive thing I purchased but the prettiest, by FAR. I'd always wanted an eyeshadow palette because they look like giant pink jewels, but they are very expensive. The coffret was a good value (it also came with a loose blush, jelly eyeshadow, and lip gloss) even with Ichibankao's markup, and I love it! Still haven't figured out how to open the blush though XD;

I bought this palette largely because it was SUCH a good value (it came with a clutch, blush, and mascara) but I'm glad I did! I own a lot of neutrals but this palette is lovely and perfect for a 5 minute look, although the shade in the middle is pure glitter and kind of hard to use. I use the blush with more colourful looks - otherwise I find the whole thing is too nude-on-nude for me :)

This is the most expensive thing I purchased, but it was for a good cause (and I got a wicked deal on it!) I purchased it as part of the charity auction benefiting Doctors Without Borders and it was almost 100$ below retail price in the US. I'd wanted the palette since images first came out but at 300$ CAD it was way too expensive to buy without a tester (the SA helpfully informed me that they sold a lot of the palettes without people wanting to try them, so why would I?), but at such a reduced cost AND with all of the money going to charity, I jumped. I've only worn the neutrals from this palette (haha) but I love the jewel tones. Need to get myself back into wearing colours for sure :)


  1. omg the Cosme Decorte palette looks sooooo gorgeous <3!!

  2. all fantastic buys!! i didnt know u bought the bobbi brown palette! its lovely and for a great cause!

  3. @Jennifer

    I know, it's probably my favourite purchase from the holiday collections!


    The BB palette was very last minute and came like 2 days before Christmas! So I didn't tell a lot of people about it - it's so lovely :)

  4. That bobbi brown palette is gorgeous! you should do more FOTD with it! :)

  5. Hiya Justine!

    May I know where did you purchase the Magie Deco coffret from?

  6. @Eva

    I will try!!


    I got the coffret from Ichibankao (I believe they're sold out now) but you can try E-bay or Yahoo!JP Auctions :)

  7. That Magie Deco palette is glorious Justine!! I am swooning while I type.

  8. Sofie (too lazy to login)January 30, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    You got so many goodies! The Cosme Decorte Magie Deco coffret is so pretty! XD I wouldn't use it... Cause it's so pretty... Also one thing... You are so pretty <333