Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daiso + Drugstore Makeup that Loves You Long Time

Daiso Blush + Sleek Oh So Special

Consider this my 'not-just-a-brand-snob' post ;). While I adore most high-end brands, at some point after all the fall collections come out I reach saturation and I just can't look at counters anymore. I don't want to discuss new products with SAs, and max out on even reading reviews OF new collections on blogs.

But do I stop buying makeup? Of course not :P

Lately I've really been interested by 'budget'/'drugstore'/'high street' makeup (I'll refer to it as drugstore for the rest of this entry since that's how I think of it) as it's less than  half the cost of my favourite high end brands and if it doesn't work out... well it's all pocket change, really!

Thankfully this post is all about 'hits' for me. XD; The stuff I don't like just gets given away before I can post about it!

Daiso & Sleek FOTD

First up, what my dear Xtine and I have been referring to as the 'Love You Long Time' blush, or the 2$ Blush from DAISO that I made both of us buy so she'd stop trying to make me buy a 6.50$ BB Cream XD; (We actually bought it at Yokoyaya).

This is the BEST 2$ I have ever spent on a makeup product. The blush is gigantic, the diamond/quilting patten looks cool, and it's a lovely, fresh pink! Xtine bought the 'Beige' blush (which is actually peach) and I made her go back to get me the other colours (Orange and Beige for me, Orange and Pink for her).

Daiso & Sleek FOTD

The other drugstore product I'm really liking is Sleek's 'Oh So Special' palette which was previously a Euro-Sephora exclusive but is now permanent. Vicky was kind enough to pick this up for me! It's a good mix of peaches and crease colours, and like all Sleek palettes, the shadows are soft and pigmented. They dent easy though - I nicked a colour taking the plastic protector off!

FOTD Breakdown
Face: Dior Hydraction TM #3, Ettusais Pressed Mineral Powder
Cheeks: Ellefar Multi-Cheek Pink
Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, L'Oreal Infallible Eye Colour Forever Pink, Sleek 'Oh So Special', K-Palette, UD Zero, Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Lips: Maybelline Fiesta Flush

Any other drugstore stuff that's caught your eye? I just bought a bunch of Makeup Academy eyeshadow to try next... :)


  1. I love the Oh So Special palette too for every day use! The blush and eyeshadow combo are very flattering on you :-)

  2. Notice how she said "made her go back to get me the other colours". I am just a lackey *sigh*

  3. I like my Sleek and NYX palettes! I have a Daiso palette that I am fond of!

  4. looks fab! i love Daiso, u can never go in & come out empty handed.

  5. love it! for some reason your eyeliner really pops in the pics too, fantastic!

  6. I'm enjoying Revlon matte blushes and lippies for now... And Rimmel lippies too... & Hada Labo is great for skincare...