Monday, November 8, 2010

Shiny Pretty Things

You know that feeling when an object sticks in your head, and you tell yourself there's no point in buying it, but it never really leaves your mind? That was the story with me and the Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary box! I've loved since I first saw it last year, but first I didn't really own any jewellery and then couldn't rationalize WHY I needed it. Plus, I had a lovely case from Yume that fit all my earrings nicely... and then I began to read more blogs and my jewellery collection suddenly outgrew my storage space!

I made do, keeping things in their original boxes, but after having an awful day at work a couple of weeks ago, AND with it being my birthday, I decided to give in and order the jewellery box I'd been thinking of on-and-off for more than a year... and I'm SO happy with it! I purchased from Gooddealer and everything was wrapped perfectly - styrofoam and bubble wrap with fragile stickers galore - and a tracking number.

As I wanted to show off my shiny new storage, I thought I should show off the shiny things that now live in it. This post for my dear Old Cow who is the reason my collection expanded so quickly AND why I started to wear necklaces :)

It's amazing who you meet through blogging! I can hardly imagine that a year ago I didn't know my dear Yasumi all that well at ALL, and it was only through the prodding of other bloggers that I finally had the courage to comment on the jewellery posts... and then I was lucky enough to finally 'win' one. Let me tell you, it was as satisfying winning an Ebay auction, finally getting my first 'Worship' necklace. I've taken pictures before, but as I received a brand new stand, I thought I'd take new pictures of my necklaces - with my camera, to practice taking super-close-up shots. :D

My first necklace, 'A Little Bit of Black' (I hope this is the right one, I am combing my e-mail for the names!) will always have a special place in my heart, and is the necklace I wear most (I personally think it matches everything). This was the beginning of my love for ribbons. On everything. Bows are love. :D

Next to my collection were the 'Beaux' necklaces. I *LOVE* these. I wear them with party dresses, over sweaters, pretty much any time I can't decide what colour would be best. I love the double strand of crystals and pearls, and the metal bows. These are just so, so classic.

I wear the Gold Beaux more with pink and green dresses since the 'coloured' earrings I do have tend to be gold with pink or green.

I was very fortunate to be able to buy both of these. I remember e-mailing frantically as I saw them and THEN commenting and being really nervous since I wasn't the first comment! This is how Ebay auctions give me anxiety. XD; I also like that I can wear them a bit more like chokers if I choose since the clasp fits around the chain links.

I wear the Silver Beaux with purple the most often, but also black (or anything else). It also goes well with all of my white gold hoops. :)

Despite my tendency to wear bright colours (in my clothing, on my eyes, and my lips) a lot of my Worship pieces are very neutral. Silver, gold, black, white. Coco Loco is no exception. This necklace reminded me of Chanel, and I love wearing it under the collar of a dress shirt over a sweater. The weight is lovely - the necklace feels so substantial, and the length of this necklace is also adjustable for me (I tend to wear it a bit longer so it can go 'over' my clothing). If I'm fidgety and playing with this necklace I tend to fiddle with the black pearls.

My last necklace - I don't know if has a name, as it was made just for me <3, but I call it Purple Velvet in my head, is my most recent Worship piece and one of the dearest to me. I had it made for a friend's wedding but I've worn it often since then, wearing the dark purple whenever I wear pink or white (or purple) and matching it to my earrings (which are a whole separate post, once I figure out how to photograph them). I love the silver rose, the silver bow, the double strands of beads... this necklace is perfect.

I am so, so fortunate to both have these pieces and to have 'met' the creator behind them. I can't wait to stalk her in person. My favourite thing is to be asked when wearing jewellery is 'where did you get that necklace?' and be able to tell the person asking that I got them from a dear friend... after beating the competition to them. :)


  1. You still have them all!! I am so happy that you still like them so much. I am so glad that Yumeko prodded you enough for you to get in touch. You are precious to me and though I am crap at showing it....please dont forget it!

  2. The Jill Stuart box is so cute♥ I don't own a lot of jewelry, but I'd get it just to look and drool over it all day haha


  3. Hi :) i was blog-hopping from Sheila's blog and found you! love the jewellery holder in your pics!

  4. Hi Justine :) lol haahhaa thanks for CP-ing for me XD honestly i'm a bit underwhelmed by JS Xmas coffret this year, I found the blush blossoms too troublesome to work with (in fact I wanna swap my other 2 blush blossoms away)..prefer the mixed compact blushes more!

    Lucky you! You have the JS mook!!I missed this one out haha

    the pouch and the body powder is the only thing i like from this coffret...but hey i bought it at approx $600 HKD! hehe i can get hold one more set if you want ;)

  5. those jewelry drawers are absolutely pretty! I've never heard of gooddealer, what is that?