Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidays at Holt Renfrew

Is it a sign that I spend too much time (and money) at Holt Renfrew if they send me Christmas cards? I mean not the store in general, but I got Christmas cards (that are designed to look like the HR boxes) from the Shu Uemura and Giorgio Armani cosmetics counters... thankfully the two counters with nice SAs that I like!

In any case the content of this post actually happened a month ago (obviously despite my best intentions I forgot to post... again) and a kind reminder from my dear Old Cow reminded me that I should update... at least so that the few readers of this blog who I don't also stalk on twitter would know I was a live!

Holt Renfrew is almost the only store in the Core (Calgary's downtown shopping district) that decorated for Christmas as a number of parts are still under construction and the Core actually donated its decorating budget to the United Way (which is nice, though I do miss the Christmas trees everywhere)! For the fellow Calgarians, the Core is MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than it was even 6 months ago - no more exposed piping every metre! There's still a bit of construction but I think the mall looks beautiful and it's now one of my favourite places to be

The gigantic skylight doesn't hurt :)

My holiday trips to Holt Renfrew actually happened over two weeks...

I loved these trees so much <3

Holt Renfrew had their HELLO CHRISTMAS event the first weekend in November, and it's always mad busy as you get 15-25% back from your purchases on a gift card. This is probably the equivalent of a Friends and Family sale in the US, but the store was RIDICULOUSLY busy. Of course I went (I wanted my discount too) and I did the majority of my shopping at the Shu  Uemura counter.

I know I always say I don't buy things for GWP but... I definitely did this time! The Aya Takano x Shu Uemura collection was so cute and lovely in person, I couldn't resist! Plus my favourite SA had told me that the GWP purchase pouch was only a 2 product purchase (instead of a $ amount) so I was quite excited.

I've tried only one other cleansing oil (Jill Stuart) in the past, but this was so cute - and for 30$ not a bad price point to try! I haven't actually USED it yet (will start in the new year I hope) but I love the pump. And the packaging! Lately I've been recycling boxes of cosmetic items right away but I kept this one :)

I am so into cream blushes lately, and while this is more of a gel formula, I love it just the same! I needed to swatch this with a brush as it melted right into my finger tips (staining them a nice cherry red colour) but I am liking how sanitary this brush is - no dipping my finger into pots! That is my chief complaint with most gel blushes - they are not kind to my germaphobic self, even if I *DO* wash my hands before I use them!

And the gift with purchase...

The pouch is  my favourite part! Right now it's storing my holiday collection purchases (+ the skincare samples). When I went to pick up my purchase a different SA told me I would have to spend 165$ to get the gift, which I was not prepared to do and was pretty sad about - thankfully my favourite SA came my rescue and said she'd honour the 2-product purchase! So I got to come home with my pretty pouch :D

I used the gift-card from this event two weeks later at the Giorgio Armani event with my other favourite Holts SA. C is so wonderful I'd buy Armani makeup just so I could visit her hahaha. I didn't take pics of the purchase since it was just the Eyes to Kill Mascara but I did take a pic of my makeover:

I think MAs tend to like me because I let them do whatever they want unless I have other plans after the makeover... so my MA (not C) did a VERY smokey look which I wore out to dinner that night. I really liked it! Would not attempt on my own though.

Still need to post about the coffrets I've purchased this year... someday!


  1. Wow that GWP is so generous!! And you are gorgeous as usual =)

    Even though I talk to you like every day, I still love reading your posts XD

    <3 ya!

  2. Your eye make up is stunning in that final photo.

    I am astounded by that GWP. It's gorgeous. We were not offered such a lovely thing, otherwise I would have dived right in there.

    I also like the gel blush it's very light on the skin (in terms of texture).

  3. @Sheila

    I think I post less BECAUSE I talk to my lovely girls everyday. I agree though - I still love reading everyone's posts! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to take you to my Holts haha.

    @Old Cow

    Thank you!! My mom was a bit surprised (I think her exact words were ... It's very dramatic) but I love it! I rarely go smokey on my own (especially with JUST black) but it's nice to see how it would look!

    The GWP on the US Shu website was only 60$ - if my SA hadn't come through I'd have felt very, very cheated. Weird that the UK didn't get it! I was hoping that we'd also get the notebook that Rouge Deluxe posted about, but no luck their either!

  4. love the cute pouch! Love the FOTD as well - they did a nice job!

  5. i like the FOTD..u are working that smoky!

    and hey i tell u to blog ALL THE TIME! XD

    oh and more posts of places around u so i can pretend i am visiting!

  6. @Missmicchan

    Thanks! I loved the look they did also :) And the pouch was totally worth it - I would have bought it separately!


    I rarely wear smokey looks so this was a bit of a change :) And I know you tell me to blog all the time - this entry has been half written for AGES.

    Next post will probably be holiday coffrets, but then it's Christmas deco time!

  7. Ohh holt looks really pretty! I haven't been there for so long...*sigh* The shu stuff you got looks so cute! great gwp. I love that smokey eye look!