Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blend Perfection? + Chanel Regard Perle

I actually didn't have anything planned after the ADDICTION post but after getting an awesome package today I decided to do my makeup anyway... I have a lot of stuff I've only swatched but never worn (plus I *AM* trying to use up my Bourjois foundation so...)

Today was an experiment in (mostly) foundation application!

My dear, lovely Old Cow sent me a bomb of a package! I won her blog contest for a foaming milk face wash, and she tucked in WAY too many goodies (as per usual) so I'm going to write about them one at a time... since I've only used one of them!! I was super excited about everything :D But most of all, this little beauty.

This is the Cosmpolotian Blend Perfection Sponge, the latest in a line of Beauty Blender dupes... only this one is a similar shade of hot pink! I've wanted to try the BeautyBlender since I started using liquid foundation, but it's hard to find in Calgary and extremely expensive - so when I found a 'cheap' drugstore dupe I jumped on it... only it turns out it's only available in the UK at Superdrug. >__<; I'm so grateful my Old Cow managed to find this and was kind enough to send it to me.

I forgot to take a picture of it totally dry (this is still a bit damp and drying) but it just about doubled in size (I will take a comparison pic and post it to my twitter at some point). Wet the sponge, squeeze out the water, and stipple it over your face (with a boing-boing motion).


I LOVED the finish of this sponge! No streaky marks, even coverage, and it was fast! And soft :) The only downside (other than needing someone from the UK to get me one) is that it used 2 pumps of foundation instead of my normal 1... I don't think the coverage looks any heavier, but a bit does get soaked into the sponge. I didn't mind so much since I am trying to finish this foundation (and have several to go)!

I washed afterwards with the Daiso sponge cleaning soap and water :)

Version 1 of this look uses one of the new L'Oreal Infalliable Le Rouge Lipsticks in 130 Enduring Berry - this didn't quite last the 10 hrs of wear (I'd say a good 6) but the lipstick wasn't drying at all.

Version 2 uses a lipstick from the same line but this time in 138 Forever Fuschia. I need to do a close-up of this lip look at some point, but there is an almost duo-chrome sparkle to this lipstick... I love it!

Other products used:

Topic for a future post but this is the US formulation of Chanel's Espiegle :)

And the Euro/Asia/Canada version of Chanel Regard Perle - from my dear Nunu

I really love the sponge - will use it as much as possible - and I am still loving my spring Chanel stuff! Now just to finish off some of my stash... I think another month and I'll be done my Bourjois foundation!


  1. ooh another sponge dupe! sounds promising! i am far too lazy to constantly wash the sponge but i will try it out since you ladies speak well of it

    Will def pick it up on my London trip!

  2. I am so happy that the sponge worked for you. I am going to hunt down some more :)

  3. love the application of this sponge! I saw some asian brands coming out with beauty blender look-alikes :0 havne't tried them though! so nice that the chanel JC showed up on you :D!! I tried JC in Tea Rose and it hardly showed up =_=

  4. Heyy Justine!!
    i've tagged you in my post, do it if you like but don't feel pressured to do tags!