Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guerlain Spring 2011 Collection: Sur Mes Levres

I think this year's spring collections from the luxury Western marques were largely designed to hit my wallet - so many of them focused on pink! It's a good thing I passed on my usual Dior-addiction... made space in my stash (and heart) for other brands! As soon as I saw the promo pictures for Guerlain's Sur Mes Levres collection I pretty much wanted all of it - the hot fuschia background was a REALLY good seller. 

Fortunately, while I did drop a fair chunk of change on this collection I didn't actually buy everything :P

I love everything I bought but this is my favourite. I've wanted an Écrin 6 Couleurs palette since they came out (a case in which packaging was 80% of my motivation) but hadn't loved any of the colour combinations... of course I would buy this one! Without the lovely fuschia shade it's a nice lilac tone-on-tone palette, and with the fuschia the palette makes me swoon! I adore pink (obviously). I wore this the day after I got it (as seen above) and I wish Guerlain held events like Chanel does... maybe I just need to ingratiate myself at a counter ;)

Actually I'll probably never do that as Guerlain is readily available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique and Murale and they have FANTASTIC points programs. I actually got bonus points + 10% off which made the 90$ CAD price tag a bit more bearable.

But barring a jewel-toned palette, this is probably my first and last Écrin palette... I'm glad I bought it!

I love the Rouge G lipsticks (which are also a rare indulgence due to price) but there hasn't been a really bright clean pink so of course I was happy to see this lipstick in the collection! The black packaging is beautiful and as weighted as the original silver metal casing... the finish on this lipstick is actually a bit more jelly-like than the normal Rouge G line (at least to me) but I still love it - a bright pink on my lips :)

I said I wasn't going to buy this blush several times, and I finally gave in after some gentle prodding from my dear Sheila (and going to re-swatch it in a better frame of mind). It's gorgeous. A peachy-pink blush with gold shimmer, I'm still playing around with how intense I want the blush to look and the best eye and lip look to wear it with... but ... it's lovely. I love the hot pink details in the included brush and in the case lining. 

The above FOTD only uses the Écrin 6 Rue de Rivoli Palette, but here's a breakdown anyway:

Face Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 55, MUFE HD Powder, Guerlain Meteorites
Cheeks MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Rock & Republic Contrived Powder Blush in Tease
Eyes Écrin 6 Rue de Rivoli, K-Palette Liner, L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, UD 24/7 Zero
Lips Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming

This was the only other marque I purchased multiple things from so the rest of my spring purchases are quite random. Do let me know if you still want to see them!


  1. lol i know you have a weakness for pinks Justine :)! yes the Guerlain blush is gorgeous!

  2. PINK PINK PINK!!! :)

    Keeping an eye out for THAT TF lippy for you.

  3. @Jennifer

    I am never going to be the person who buys something they don't like to try to get over it. Rather buy what I do :)

    @Old Cow

    <3 <3 <3

  4. Must resist guerlain...haha that palette is gorgeous!!

    Not getting anything from Dior? I heard there's gonna be a promo at the bay soon I might pick up the pink design palette i love pink and gray.

    Yes I wanna see your purchases hehe yay you're blogging more now keep it up!

  5. i looove their packaging! glad u are blogging more!

  6. @Eva

    The packaging is STUNNING. I am passing on Dior as this palette is pink and grey (and I have Extase Pinks which is also pink and grey which I like better than the design palettes - that might be worth looking into if you're buying from the event for a gift!)

    I kind of want to try the new mascara but it's not an urgent desire so I'll probably pick it up at SDM during the next points event :)


    I really hope this isn't a Guerlain phase they are even more $$ than Chanel AND Dior. Oi. I have at least one more post in me of new purchases and then... I'll need ideas. Haha.

    (Or maybe I could post about the package? The ADDICTION shadows and the MFC blushes from so long ago haha)