Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up [WARNING: Food Heavy]

I'm beginning to think that Beauty Blogger Meet-Ups = Secret Opportunity for food blogging. I say this because despite having my camera with me for Nunu and Sheila's visit, my best photos were of the food we ate... not so much my makeup (or theirs). In fact, the only picture I have of the three of us together my eyes are closed in! (Darn it).

So with that in mind... I'm just going to show you random photos from their trip to Calgary!

(On a related note, I am super bad at keeping my eyes open with flash photography, hence all my 'makeup pictures' are taken during the day XD)

That was pretty much the only picture I got of Macnunu and I together before Sunday with BOTH of our eyes open, haha.

I've decided to order this by meal/day since most of the weekend involved where we were eating dinner haha.

Overeasy Breakfast

Soul in a Bowl

Canadian, Eh? Eggs Benedict
The Highwood: This is a restaurant run by the culinary arts students at SAIT, the menu changes weekly/seasonally

Grape juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, if I remember right.
Nunu and I almost didn't get our mock-tails as the first server was somewhat incomprehensible and the second server forgot. D:

I took off the onions, but otherwise this was delicious! I liked my cone of fries.

Lamb was OK, ratatouille was really really good! No idea what those chips were made of though!
Red Lobster: Nunu really, really wanted to go here as there aren't any in Vancouver, apparently. XD The commercials make it look delicious!

Nunu actually did have her lobster :)

I opted for shrimp
CHAR|CUT - Completely worth going through the blizzard for it, I feel! Best food and service all weekend. Our server was fantastic and anticipated our needs, we got the last Ribeye steak that night, and they even ran back and forth outside to call us a cab at the end of the meal!

This is also the only pic I got of Sheila where my eyes aren't closed >__<;

Seriously pro at keeping her eyes open with flash!

Nice and light, the tuna was a bit citrus-y, and the bread points were super buttery!

OK, Nunu's first poutine, haha.

AMAZING. We split this between three of us. 

Also really good but we couldn't finish this XD

We were determined to have dessert, this wasn't too heavy split among 3 people.
I have discovered (after this weekend) that I am craving steak lately, and even though I think I can shop with the best of them, 3 days of shopping is exhausting. I fell asleep after Nunu left, haha.

I have no idea why we look like we're the same colour, I'm actually way darker
I need to get a good pic with these girls in Vancouver!! Also, eat more. Of course :)


  1. Looks like you had a amazing time!
    Lots of delish food!! *jealous!* :P It's almost 1am here and I'm hungry after your post xD

    You ladies look pretty pretty in the pics :) xxx

  2. you all look so pretty in the pics! blogger meetups are nervous but fun!

  3. aww they visited u? how sweet!

  4. omg that poutine looks amazing! must try! I loove the tuna! so good eh? I like how it was citrusy

  5. @Vanity-Fashionista

    I think I want to start food-blogging, gives me an excuse to find excellent food! And thank you :)


    Thank you! It was a lot of fun, though I was very nervous!


    I want you to come~~~ But maybe in the summer so there's less chance of a freak blizzard hitting XD; *misses you*


    The poutine was good, but the tuna was better :) The steak was AMAZING.