Sunday, April 17, 2011

Definitely a Dior Addict

You know what my marker for really liking a product is these days? Using it before taking a picture when it's brand new. XD;

I purchased Diorkiss, the colour Kate Moss wears in the Be. Iconic. promotions for Dior's new lipstick line during a gift card event at Shoppers Drug Mart. I had a promotion gift card so I got 15$ off, which made thie lipstick a pretty sweet 16$ CAD after tax :)

Diorkiss on me is a medium, moderately pigmented pink. I love this lipstick! It has almost a jelly-like finish on my lips, lasts 3-5 hours on me (without excessive eating or drinking) and is hydrating without being too slippery. I know a lot of bloggers have been comparing these to the Rouge Coco Shines but I much prefer the pigmentation and colour range of the new Dior Addicts - there are 44 to choose from!

I'm still pretty infatuated with my Armani Eyes to Kill Silk #7 but I thought I'd break out one of my favourite Dior palettes of all time to wear it with :)

Face: Armani Face Face Fabric #3, Armani Luminous Silk Powder #5.5
Cheeks: MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder
Eyes: UDPP, Armani Eyes to Kill Silk #7 Sweet Fire, Dior Crush Glow Eyeshadow Quint, K-Palette Eyeliner, UD 24/7 Zero, Diorshow Blackout mascara, Anastasia Espresso Brow Gel
Lips: Dior Addict Lipstick 578 Diorkiss

Have you picked any of these up? I have one other and am eyeing two more... good thing they are all permanent!


  1. haha i see ETK there!!
    Diorkiss is interesting coz it looks so bright when u swatch and in the tube, but it came out so creamy/pastel pink on ur lips :D like it!

  2. tats a great deal and looks fab on u!!
    Btw totally OT but you look so much thinner lately!

  3. Gah! That lippy looks gorgeous!

  4. I haven't looked at them because I am completely bummed they discontinued my fave colour from the previous Dior Addict line.
    This does look pretty on you but I am still mad at Dior LOL

  5. OOh it looks so red in the tube but comes out so pink. LOL.

    Loving the eye makeup. So pretty