Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ADDICTION Le Mepris Palette + Armani Eyes to Kill Silk #8

Let me tell you friends, somehow when I tell myself I'm not going to buy a lot of makeup while travelling I not only end up buying MORE, but I come home to a lot of makeup. At least with this last San Francisco trip! In addition to all the stuff I'd purchased in SF/at Duty Free, I came home to two packages of amazingness (more posts to come). I finally got around to playing with all of it on my last stretch of days off!

The products I was definitely MOST excited to get were the ADDICTION lots I'd won from Yahoo!JP and my Armani Eyes to Kill Silk shadows. I managed to hold off long enough to take pictures then I dug in. But these are so gorgeous, I almost couldn't wait to play with them!

This palette actually came out for ADDICTION's Summer 2010 collection and I didn't think I'd find it again... and then I scored it from auction for 4000Y!! I kind of vocally hate the colour orange but I think it is growing on me. The top two shades have pearl finishes :)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I LOVE the way these eyeshadows look when you open the pots (although my #7 is a metallic pink on the top side now that I've used it so much). #8 is a pale champagne colour (it shows up as almost a white gold on me).

I am still learning how to take swatch pictures with my Olympus PEN, but here is the ADDICTION Le Mepris palette and a sheer swatch of Armani ETK #8

I absolutely loved this FOTD!

Products used:
Face Armani Face Fabric #3, Armani Luminous Silk Powder #5.5
Cheeks ADDICTION Orange Le Mepris Blush
Eyes UDPP, Armani ETK Silk #8, ADDICTION Le Mepris Palette, K-Palette Eyeliner, Diorshow Blackout Mascara
Lips BITE Lipstick in Bouquet

Do let me know what you think! Next up: my ADDICTION Out of Africa purchase!


  1. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaY I have been waiting for this post to crop up on your blog. I love the look Justine. Now I am lusting after one of the Armani things too!

  2. looooove it
    it is very orange but i think u can work with it